50 Cent Makes Millions Selling Album For Bitcoin

50 cent bitcoin

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson made a lot of money by being an early believer in Bitcoin, TMZ.com reported on Tuesday. After giving the cryptocurrency a chance 4 years ago, he is now reaping the benefits which amount to over $7 mln, according to current exchange rates.

50 Cent became the first rapper who started accepting Bitcoin as payment for his fifth album “Animal Ambition” released in 2014. At $5.50 a copy which was equivalent to 0.0088 BTC back in 2014, the unexpected “money genius” made about 700 bitcoins which were worth more than $400,000 that year.

The rapper is reported to have kept all of his bitcoins without selling them for years until 2018. During that time the cryptocurrency has grown immensely — with the current price set at around $11,000, Jackson’s 700 coins are now worth more than $7 mln.

50 Cent has confirmed the news of his successful ‘Hodling’ on Twitter

50 cent bitcoin