Twitter roll out 280 character update

Twitter 280 Character Update

Twitter users are getting the new 280 character update, which doubles the amount of space they have to tweet with.

Twitter is launching the 280 character update today, with users across the globe getting a big boost to how much they can tweet.

The social networking giant is doubling their signature 140 character limit from today following a trial run.

In a blog post, Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen explained why Twitter was rolling out the 280 character limit.

She said: “We are making this change after listening and observing a problem our global community was having (it wasn’t easy enough to Tweet!), studying data to understand how we could improve, trying it out, and listening to your feedback.”

Rosen added that the during a trial run that took place in September, Twitter users by and large still preferred to keep it short and sweet.

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