Slip your head into a huge noise-isolating helmet

Noise-isolating helmet

Sometimes you want to block out the world so badly, you don’t mind looking totally ridiculous while you do it. While most people would probably reach for noise-isolating headphones, Ukrainian design firm Hochu rayu wants to offer you an entire oversized helmet to hide out in.

The Helmfon, brought to our attention by Designboom, looks like a sleeker version of the headgear worn by Dark Helmet, the Darth Vader knockoff from “Spaceballs.” Hochu rayu designed the conceptual prototype for workers who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the office.

More ways to hide
Hochu rayu says the helmet can be worn on the shoulders or mounted to a wall or ceiling. It uses foam to dampen external sounds, offers a place to hold your smartphone and comes with speakers and a microphone so you can work and stay productive. Best of all, you can’t hear your co-workers chatting away.

The design company came up with the Helmfon while trying to work out ways employees can Skype at their desks without bothering their co-workers.

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